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Laptop Repairs

Services in Melbourne

Is your laptop screen cracked, laptop not booting or maybe you need a new battery pack. Melbourne Computer Repair can fix any brand laptop or notebook at your home or office.

At Melbourne Computer Repair, we service all major Laptop brands including: DELL, Compaq, HP, IBM, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Asus and much more.


Common laptop repair services:

LCD/LED Screen Repairs: Cracked LCD/LED Screen, Screen looks like it is bleeding ink, Thin lines or Tiny spots on screen, Dark or dim display.


Keyboard Repairs: Laptop Broken Keys, Sticky Keys, Keys not responding.


DC Power Jack Repairs: Laptop not starting, Laptop not charging, Power Adapter Jack is loose.


Overheating Repairs: Laptop not starting, Laptop turns off by itself, Noisy Fan, Overheating warnings, Laptop feels very hot to touch.


Broken Hinge Replacement: Laptop cracked hinge, Stiff hinge movement, Loose hinge, Hinge detached from laptop frame.


CD/DVD drive replacement: CD does not eject, Does not read or recognise CD, Does not play CD music, Does not play DVD movie.


Motherboard Repairs: Liquid spillage on laptop, Laptop turns off by itself, Laptop not starting, Power surge damage.


Videocard chipset replacement: No display on laptop, Blurry or fuzzy screen display, Laptop turns off by itself, Horizontal or vertical lines on screen, Blue Screen, Multi coloured pattern on screen.


Faulty hard disk drive replacement: No Operating System Found, Disk boot failure, Strange clicking or whirring sounds, Blank screen on startup, Windows hangs, Windows running very slow.






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